(Tribute to a small selection of all the great artists that past away the latest years) Our vision, goal and passion are to make loudspeakers sound so natural and true to the artists that performs the song or music, that you will have the believe of being in the same room as the artists. As we are a Danish company and all cabinets are handmade in Denmark, we also try to stay true to Danish components.
The Entry Line uses SB-Acoustics from Herning DK.

The High-End Line uses Wavecor Balanced Drive (developed by Allan Isaksen) This is even done for a reasonable price. The “Tribute” consists of two lines: A low priced Entry Line and a little more expensive High-End Line. Both lines are made in three different variations: a 2 way compact stand mount, a 2 way large stand mount and a 2 ½ way floor stand speaker. The two lines has a great deal in common at the outside, but many differences inside and of cause the sound. Common for all is the angulation of 5˚ of the cabinet. This is done to uneven the phase between the tweeter and bas/mid and all cabinets are made of 19mm High quality of MDF. We only use very high quality components for our crossovers.