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Vores produkter er inddelt i 2 kategorier, vores entry line og vores high-end line, fælles er at de begge levere en fantastisk lyd, du kan læse om forskellen på linjerne herunder.

The Entry Line

Our Entry Line characterizes by the very low price, but without compromise the sound which are very detailed and smooth. You 

will never get tired of listening to these speakers.  

Entry Line consist of a single 6dB crossover and mounted with SB-Acoustics PFCR drivers. 

The Entry Line are delivered either in matt black (RAL9005) or white (RAL9016). 

The High-End Line

All the High-End Line and Entry Line has the same type of cabinets. Same angulation, same shape and sizes. 

The High-End differs in the matter of crossover design, drivers installed and several choises of finish for the sides of the cabinet. The main cabinets are delivered either in matt black (RAL9005) or white (RAL9016)  

The combination of drivers and a special balanced crossover, makes the sound of the High-End Line really “state of the art”. 

Using a balanced crossover may not be visible for engineers, because for the overall mathematic and measurements there’s no different in using a “normal” single crossover and a balanced crossover. But when it comes to delivery of sound, the difference is really to hear. The difference is striking, especially with the regards to openness and stability of the sound image. 

Balanced crossover means that no driver is directly attached to the ground of the amplifier. Example for the Bass/Mid there is usually (for 6dB) only one coil connected to the driver “+ terminal”. The “- terminal” is directly connected to the amplifier. In a balanced crossover this coil is divided into two coils (aprox. half the size). One connected between amp+ and Driver+ and one connected between Amp- and driver-. This means that the ± terminals of the amplifier are looking into exactly into the same circuit and not pulling the amp. signal skewed. 

A lot of tests and many hours of listening, we found the WaveCor Balanced drive by Allan Isaksen delivers, in our opinion the best sound.  

Our High-End Line characterizes also by the low price for a true High-End speaker. 

Addiction is a good word for our High-End Line

- Kolind & Kristensen