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LC2: The biggest stand model of our High-End Line

“Hallelujah” could be the statement from Leonard Cohen regarding this speaker. Everything mentioned about the PR1 is also true for the LC2. The LC2 is bigger than PR1 and more powerful. It delivers a tremendous deep, accurate and tight bass. You really can hear the drumhead vibrating. The mid and tweeter gives a smooth and yet very detailed sound, without any annoying sharp edges. You can even hear the tone of strings just hitting the frets of the guitar neck, or when the hammer hits the pins on a piano. The PR1 is so detailed that even the smallest flaw where either it’s from recording or other, YOU WILL HEAR IT. The precise sound image gives the experience to actually be in the same room or concert as the playing artist.

  • 2 way ported stand/shelf speaker
  • 30mm Soft Dome tweeter
  • 7” Paper Bas/mid
  • 6dB Balanced crossover to make the sound as smooth and real as possible. (Crossover freq. 1500hZ)
  • Dimension in mm: (H x D x W) 320 x 310 x 210
  • Impedance: 4Ω (±1.5 from 75Hz to 25.000Hz)
  • Freq. response:
  • Recommended Room size: 15 to 25m²
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 31 cm


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